About me

Andrew Malkov

My name is Andrew Malkov. I work in Belgium as a software engineer in the Customer Success Unit at Microsoft, but this blog, its content and opinions are my own. I blog about technology, code, cloud, gadgets, photography, where I'm going and where I've been. I'm excited about community, social equity, entrepreneurship and above all, the open web.

I have my YouTube channel.

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If you just want to email me, please send an email to an.malkov@outlook.com.

My background

I started programming when I was 12 years old and software development quickly became my passion. When I was 17, I began my career as a software developer and during all of these years I have developed various types of applications using different programming languages and technologies for various projects.

I spent 5 amazing years at Kiev National Aviation University, where I met many good friends and received my Master's degree in Computer Science.

Since 2018 I’m working at Microsoft as a customer software engineer.

More information

I was born in Kiev (Ukraine) where I still have a great family and great friends. I had a fantastic wedding with a great Julia Malkova (I love you).

In 2011 we moved to Belgium, where I live now with my beautiful wife and three children.

I don't sleep too much.